Jonathan Sastoque is a contemporary artist of Colombian origin, completing his university studies at the Pontifical Xavierian University in Fine Arts. His major artistic influences have been Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, Armando Villegas, Omar Rayo, Carlos Cruz-Diez. Following the Latin American artistic legacy, the artist Jonathan Sastoque searches with geometry what the great Latin American fine artists have sought since the 30s, to express their creed of art through a new visual language. Abstract geometry has been essential for Latin American art. Like other fine artists, Sastoque seeks to create art that refuses to be contained, controlled or governed by our assumptions as spectators. Sastoque's compositions use color, negative space, and symmetry to achieve an illusion of motion. He uses bright colors to call the attention of viewers from meters back, the great pleasure produced by the apparent symmetry in his work invites the viewer to approach. Then, together with abstract figures and technique of the paint spill, the viewer discovers the most organic part of his work. In this way, Sastoque uses geometry with abstract and organic figures to create a dialogue between the rigid and the flexible; the divine, the human and the earthly.